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Lyfe Wurks Planner

Lyfe Wurks truly gets it! That’s why we developed the 2022 Lyfe Wurks Planner with you in mind. To help organize your days, our planner will eliminate the excuses and create intentionality in your days. 


Lyfe Wurks Planners have something for everyone. Our customers include amazing entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, organization leaders, event coordinators, TV producers, newspaper editors, military members, clergy, busy moms & dads and even students. 


Our planners have a special focus on small businesses where the checklist and wurksheets help guide your  focus on completion of priority projects, organizing opportunities and meeting critical deadlines throughout the year.  


Flipping through the pages, you will find wurksheets, checklist, analysis and journaling pages, monthly & weekly calendar space to help you take initiative, keep you intentional, inspired.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Book your call now! We need to learn more about you and your amazing business. Consultation calls usually last for 30 minutes.
    Complete the Business Discovery Document before your scheduled meeting.
    Choose between DIY marketing with our recommendations and blueprint or opt for a Lyfe Wurks full-service package. Choose from Starting, Emerging, or Soaring Marketing Packages with 90-day to 1 year engagement.
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